What's here

What’s Here

The Peninsula doesn't pretend to be one thing – it's more interesting than that. Emerging all the time is an eclectic mix of new cafes, bars, restaurants, places for music, for art and just to chill out. Explore what's already here on the Peninsula using the map below.

Mind-blowing vistas that never tire. 5km morning runs before river brunches and little adventures under big big skies.

Cycle racing, village feting, curious happenings and the river of tranquility. From The O2 to the stop, wait, who? Friend making and tradition setting, a place to think free and make a mark.

A floating jetty oasis, art to surprise, interactive worlds and the spirit of the avant-garde. Changing spaces and challenging perceptions at every turn.

To the Peninsula my friends, where park picnics turn into riverfront walks and dusky evenings gazing at the bright lights of London.